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Central States Water Magazine features NEW Water

January 3, 2023

"Consistent small actions can make a big difference"

Central States Water Magazine featured an article from Wisconsin Section President and NEW Water Treatment Lead, Jake Becken, which talks about how "a few small actions each day can make a huge difference."

Excerpts from the Central States Water magazine are found below, read the full article here

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WTAQ Features NEW Water's 2023 Budget

December 29, 2022

Dec 2022 - WTAQ featured NEW Water, the brand of the Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District, on the 2023 budget, which was passed by NEW Water's Commission.  

Excerpts from WTAQ story are found below. To read their full story, please visit: NEW Water 2023 Budget Reflective of Inflation - WTAQ (wtaq.com)

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E-News from NEW Water (Q4 2021)

December 28, 2022

Happy Holidays! 

On behalf of all of us at NEW Water, we wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. We are proud to serve Northeast Wisconsin! 

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Wisconsin Academy magazine features NEW Water

December 7, 2022

NEW Water was featured in Wisconsin People & Ideas, the magazine of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, in an article called “Making Waves from Wisconsin: Leadership in Clean Water.”

The article text is copied below. To learn more about the magazine, please visit: Wisconsin People & Ideas (wisconsinacademy.org)

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2023 Budget

December 7, 2022

NEW Water’s Commission has passed a $48.7 million budget for 2023 to ensure that critical resources are available to continue essential work to serve more than 238,000 residents, as well as businesses, industries, and visitors in Northeast Wisconsin.

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Safety Flare

November 30, 2022

When driving over the Leo Frigo bridge or passing by NEW Water’s Green Bay campus, you may notice our safety flare. The flare is designed to safely burn gas from our digestion process. The flare intermittently operates as needed. With some equipment down for repairs right now, the flare is currently being utilized more than normal. The flare was installed as part of our Resource Recovery & Electrical Energy (R2E2) facility.

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37th Season of Aquatic Monitoring Program

November 9, 2022

NEW Water’s Aquatic Monitoring Program wrapped up its 37th annual season of monitoring area waterways in October. In addition to the standard sample collection from 34 different stations throughout the Fox River, East River, and the Bay of Green Bay, the program successfully upgraded the Entrance Light monitoring station which has been integral for monitoring low dissolved oxygen, or hypoxia since its inception in 1986. Entrance Light now monitors water and weather in near real time and data are shared with the general public through Seagull, a data platform used by many around the Great Lakes.

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NEW Water hosts the 56th annual WWOA Conference

October 26, 2022

NEW Water was proud host to the 56th Annual Wisconsin Wastewater Operators Association (WWOA) Conference in Green Bay this year. Among activities at this annual event, NEW Water teams competed in the Operations Challenge, and placed; several NEW Water staff helped organize, gave presentations, and also hosted operators from around Wisconsin for a tour of our Green Bay Facility. Additionally, the WWOA magazine, The Clarifier, also published a feature on NEW Water. 

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The Press Times features the celebration of water

October 24, 2022

Celebrating 50 years of the Clean Water Act and NEW Water's 90 years of service 

October 18, 2022- In Green Bay, community leaders convened to celebrate water on the anniversary of the 50th year of the Clean Water Act, and the 90th year of NEW Water’s service to the community, learn more here.

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Community leaders convene to celebrate water

October 18, 2022

Image caption: In Green Bay, on October 18, 2022, community leaders convened to celebrate water on the anniversary of the 50th year of the Clean Water Act, and the 90th year of NEW Water’s service to the community. (Left to right) Brown County Executive Troy Streckenbach; University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Dean of the College of Science, Engineering, and Technology John Katers; NEW Water Executive Director and NACWA President Tom Sigmund; University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Chancellor Mike Alexander; Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Secretary Preston Cole; Wisconsin Sen. Rob Cowles.

50 years ago, the Clean Water Act was passed: A “game changer” for clean water in Northeast Wisconsin, and NEW Water in particular

Area leaders deem innovations & partnerships for clean water critical for our economy, health, and future

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