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Budgets, Finance, & Procurement

NEW Water adopts an annual operating budget and a five-year capital plan following public budget workshops and a public hearing. The operating budget encompasses proposed expenses and how they are financed.

Typical Family

Typical Family Cost

How much does my family pay for NEW Water services? It is important to note that NEW Water is a wholesale provider of services to 15 municipalities in Northeast Wisconsin. Learn more >>

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How is My Bill Calculated?

Watch this video on how NEW Water calculates bills. 

For the 2024 budget, a typical family cost for NEW Water’s services increased from 2023 by about 6.1% to $25.60 per month. NEW Water provides continuous service throughout the year as a wholesale provider, servicing 15 municipal customers and does not bill residents directly (if you have questions about your bill, contact your municipality). Each municipality calculates their bills according to wastewater services they provide their residents, businesses, and industries. Bills from municipalities may include other costs such as the operations and maintenance of their sanitary sewer system, which then connects to the NEW Water system.

NEW Water invoices each municipality to cover its budgeted expenses which include:

Operating & Maintenance Costs

The costs to cover NEW Water’s operating and maintenance expenses are invoiced based on actual flows and loads received from each municipality on a monthly basis. NEW Water’s rates are the same for each municipal customer.

Debt Service & Annual Capital Costs

The costs to cover NEW Water’s debt service and annual capital are allocated to each municipal customer through a Capital Charge based on their budgeted use of the system as an equitable distribution and invoiced on a monthly basis. As actual use and budgeted use can differ, this Capital Charge is ‘trued-up’ each year and reallocated to municipal customers monthly over the following year.

NEW Water maintains a robust cost of service model, developed by a rate consultant, to ensure an equitable allocation of Operating & Maintenance and Debt/Capital Costs of wastewater services to their customers.

If a municipality has additional capacity needs in the NEW Water sanitary sewer system, payment for this capacity is purchased outside of the annual budget process.

Capital Charge Study

Capital Charge Study Workshop 8-2-2022

Capital Charge Study Workshop 6-9-2022

Capital Charge Study Workshop 4-21-2022