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The Press Times features NEW Water

April 25, 2023

“NEW Water uses innovative approach to reach DNR limits”

April 22, 2023- The Press Times covered our organization’s cost-effective approach to permit compliance, through Adaptive Management. This approach will also achieve greater environmental gain for generations to come. 

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Collecting (near) real-time data in the Bay of Green Bay

April 19, 2023

NEW Water is excited to bring two long-term monitoring stations into a new era of (near) real-time data collection.

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April 4, 2023

In efforts to better understand this emerging contaminant, NEW Water initiated sampling at its Green Bay and De Pere facilities in March. NEW Water is working with a consultant on sampling method techniques, and to review the data. The data will be published on the NEW Water website on an annual basis after QA/QC (quality assurance / quality control). NEW Water is continuing to collaborate with industries on pollution prevention strategies, to more cost effectively address PFAS through source reduction. NEW Water will continue to monitor legislative and regulatory changes.

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E-News from NEW Water (Q1 2023)

March 31, 2023

10 things to know about NEW Water

We are proud to provide cost-effective services that protect public health and our precious Wisconsin waters, every day.

Learn 10 things to know about NEW Water >>


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2022 Industrial Achievement Award

March 22, 2023

The 2022 Industrial Achievement Award Winners

NEW Water congratulates the following businesses for receiving the Silver, Gold, and Platinum Awards in recognition of consecutive years of full compliance with wastewater discharge standards and requirements for 2022.

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NEW Water Executive Director testifies on behalf of water

March 15, 2023

NEW Water Executive Director and President of the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA), Tom Sigmund, testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works on March 15, to support “a permanent, reliable source of federal assistance with full funding to ensure households can afford their water and sewer bills and utilities have the resources they need to make critical investments.”

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Basin Buzz features NEW Water

March 10, 2023

A collaborative approach to improving the region's water quality 

2023 Winter Basin Buzz Edition  - The Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance's "Basin Buzz" highlighted NEW Water's partnership with the county and the Fund for Lake Michigan for a 6-row InterSeeder, as well as features a "Year in Review" for NEW Water's Watershed Program. 

Excerpts from the Basin Buzz story are found below. To read their full story, please visit: The 2023 Winter LFR Basin Buzz - Print Version.pdf (www.fwwa.org)

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10 things to know about NEW Water

February 21, 2023

NEW Water, the brand of the Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District, has been proudly serving Northeast Wisconsin since 1931. Our staff work around the clock so that our community can do laundry, run their businesses, and flush the toilet whenever they want. Here are “10 Things to Know” about this utility which proudly provides cost-effective, critical community services.

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National honors for NEW Water

February 15, 2023

NEW Water is the recipient of a 2023 National Environmental Achievement Award for the Public Information & Education category from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies for its “The Unflushables: Something Had to Give!” campaign.

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Central States Water Magazine features NEW Water

January 3, 2023

"Consistent small actions can make a big difference"

Central States Water Magazine featured an article from Wisconsin Section President and NEW Water Treatment Lead, Jake Becken, which talks about how "a few small actions each day can make a huge difference."

Excerpts from the Central States Water magazine are found below, read the full article here

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