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The Downtown Interceptors Renewal Project

Interceptor_History_GBMSDNEW Water, the brand of the Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District, is a regional clean water utility that provides wholesale services to 15 municipalities and their 238,000 residential and business customers. NEW Water owns and operates two treatment facilities, 78 miles of interceptors, 600 pumps, 1,206 manholes, and cleaned about 15 billion gallons of water for the community last year. NEW Water works around the clock so that our community can do dishes, wash laundry, flush the toilet, and run their businesses whenever they want.

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What is the Downtown Interceptor Renewal Project and why we are doing this project?

NEW Water owns and operates many miles of underground pipes, including a series of larger, deeper pipes called an interceptor system, located throughout our service area. In downtown Green Bay, portions of this system have been in operation since the 1930s, and are in need of improvements in order to continue to function. The cost of this project is expected to be about $15 million, which is funded through NEW Water wholesale rates to its 15 municipal customers. The improvements are needed to revitalize aging infrastructure to protect public health and the environment.

NEW Water televises every pipe in its interceptor system every five years to determine condition. We are also constantly evaluating capacity needs to serve the community now and into the future. As part of that evaluation, NEW Water has identified this infrastructure for renewal. The improvements for this project: 

  • Long-term investment in sections of critical infrastructure
  • To extend service life of existing system for generations to come
  • Properly abandon segments of the interceptor
  • Reduce routine maintenance on the sewer system
  • Minimized construction impacts to surrounding neighborhoods and businesses
  • Maintain existing level of service through the sewer system

Where is the project located?

Majority of the project will be in the City of Green Bay, with a small portion of the project in the Village of Allouez, see enclosed map. 

Will there be any assessments or charges for the project?

No, property owners will not be charged or assessed for this project.

Interceptor_History_GBMSD_2What will the project entail?

The project will rehabilitate approximately 13,000 feet of sanitary sewer and 25 manholes located in and around downtown Green Bay. The renewal will enhance reliability and reduce maintenance on the system. In addition, the project will properly abandon approximately 7,000 feet of old East River Interceptor, taken out of service in the 1970s. 

How will this impact me?

The Downtown Interceptors Renewal Project has been designed to minimize impacts to the surrounding neighborhoods during construction. A variety of pipe renewal methods for this project will be “trenchless” in nature, minimizing the amount of disturbances at ground level. NEW Water will continue to communicate with impacted businesses and homeowners throughout the project as well as work to minimize impacts. Below is a list of anticipated impacts that this project will have on neighborhoods near the construction:

  • Road and sidewalk closures
  • Pedestrian and bike trail closures
  • Temporary detours to project roadways
  • Impacts to bus routes
  • Impacts to driveway access
  • Construction staging and activities in and around parks
  • Construction staging and activities on private properties

Safety first. As with any construction site, drivers are asked to slow down and proceed with caution, for the safety of the Teams working hard to ensure continued service to the community.

What is the project schedule?

The project is currently in the design phase. At this time, it is anticipated that the project will bid early 2024 and construction will start mid-2024. It is anticipated that construction will be completed end of 2025. 

Anticipated Schedule_11.30.2023

Thank you for your patience and support while we work to ensure continued reliability of wastewater services for your neighborhood, and our community.

More Information

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Reach out if you have any questions, contact us here. 

Public Information 

  • Downtown Interceptors Renewal Project Informational Handout (2 Pager)
  • Public Information Meeting: PowerPoint Presentation

Public Information Meeting Video


Fox River Crossing Interceptor

Fox River Crossing Interceptor Map


East Fox River Interceptor

East Fox River Interceptor Map


East River Interceptor

East River Interceptor Map



Interceptor: Not an ordinary sanitary sewer pipe. Interceptors are the larger, deeper pipes that collect wastewater from smaller sewer pipes.
Wastewater: Water that is used inside your house or business that goes down a drain. Examples of wastewater include water used in the toilet, showers, sinks, dishwashers, and washings machines.
Cured-In-Place Piping (CIPP): CIPP is a commonly used “trenchless” (i.e., no digging) technology used to extend the service life of pipes. It includes a pipe-within-a pipe lining system to reduce groundwater infiltration and reinforce structural integrity. 
For more information about CIPP and the installation process, please view this educational video created by NASSCO: Cured-in-Place Pipe Technology - NASSCO.
Sliplining: a trenchless underground pipe rehabilitation method that involves installing a pipe of a slightly smaller diameter into an existing pipe.
Spiral Wound Pipelining: Like CIPP or sliplining, spiral wound pipelining provides a structural lining solution for fully deteriorated pipelines with minimal site disruption.
For more information about Spiral Wound Pipelining and the installation process, please view this educational video created by NASSCO: Spiral Wound Technology - NASSCO.