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Pretreatment Program

NEW Water's Industrial Pretreatment Program regulates certain industries defined as  Significant Industrial Users (SIUs) in order to control the introduction of pollutants into the sewerage system and, ultimately, its treatment facility. These SIUs must comply with federal, state, and local requirements through the use of a permit system. An Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit outlines and references the requirements necessary to comply with all applicable wastewater regulations.

 Permitted Industries  

Is your industry categorized as an SIU?

According to NR 211.03 (19m), Significant Industrial Users (SIU) are defined as the following:

(a) Any industrial user subject to the categorical pretreatment standards in chapters NR 221 to 297;

(b) Any industrial user which discharges an average of 25,000 gallons per day or more of wastewater to the POTW, excluding sanitary, noncontract cooling and boiler blowdown wastewater;

(c) Any industrial user that discharges to the POTW a process waste stream which makes up 5% or more of the average dry weather hydraulic or organic capacity of the POTW treatment plant:

(d) Any centralized waste treater; or

(e) Any other industrial user designated as a significant industrial user by the control authority.


Requirements and guidelines

  • Samples are collected by the SIU at their discretion, and samples are collected by NEW Water (unannounced) to confirm compliance.
  • Facility inspections required at least once per year for each SIU to review operations.
  • Chemical inventories are recorded for liquids in quantities of five gallons or more.
  • In the event of a process change chemical change or compliance issue, NEW Water may conduct additional inspections to gather necessary information.

Important dates

Periodic Compliance Reports Due: July 15 and January 15 of each year

pH Variance Data Due: the 15th of every month

pH Variance Cleaning & Televising Due: once every 3 years

Permit Renewal Application Due: July 4, every 5 years

NEW Water's enforcement response plan

Industrial achievement awards program


NEW Water has implemented a new pretreatment program element called the Industrial Achievement Awards, which gives recognition to Significant Industrial Users (SIU) that demonstrate exceptional pretreatment performance.

The awards will be given at three different levels for each consecutive year of meeting established requirements. Those levels are as follows:

Silver Award: Meet the below requirements for the previous regulatory year.

Gold Award: Meet the below requirements for three consecutive years.

Platinum Award: Meet the below requirements for five consecutive years.

Program criteria

SIUs are evaluated with the following criteria:

  1. The industry must meet NEW Water's definition of a Significant Industrial User (SIU) and been in operation and permitted for the entire calendar year.
  2. The facility must be in full compliance with its Industrial Wastewater Discharge permit.
  3. The SIU must meet all permit self-monitoring and reporting requirements during the calendar year.
  4. The SIU must not have any numerical effluent limits violations except for pH during the calendar year.

The pH criteria are as follows:

  • No pH may be recorded at a value ≤ 4.6 or ≥ 12.9 s.u.
  • During each month, the total time that the pH values were outside of the industry’s permit limits may not exceed 1.0% of the total time that pH was monitored during that month.

Award recipient publication

Each year after receipt of the Periodic Compliance Reports in January, recipients will be determined by the Pretreatment Coordinator. If the SIU satisfies all of the requirements, the SIU will be placed into the appropriate award category according to the number of successful years.

The award recipients will be announced annually at the March Commission meeting. Award recipients will receive a certificate in honor of their achievement. An ad will be purchased in the Green Bay Press-Gazette publishing each year's winners. Each year's winners will also be displayed on NEW Water's website and included in the external quarterly newsletter.



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