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Basin Buzz features NEW Water

January 18, 2024

SHED_Opening-72024 Winter Basin Buzz Edition  - The Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance's "Basin Buzz" features NEW Water’s efforts in the watershed were highlighted in two articles of the most recent issue of the Basin Buzz, a quarterly publication of the Fox Wolf Watershed Alliance. 

Check out a story about aerial seeding and a ribbon cutting ceremony, visit: The 2024 Winter KOF Basin Buzz Newsletter (www.fwwa.org)

Watershed SamplingA collaborative approach to improving the region's water quality 

2023 Winter Basin Buzz Edition  - The Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance's "Basin Buzz" highlighted NEW Water's partnership with the county and the Fund for Lake Michigan for a 6-row InterSeeder, as well as features a "Year in Review" for NEW Water's Watershed Program. 

Excerpts from the Basin Buzz story are found below. To read their full story, please visit: The 2023 Winter LFR Basin Buzz - Print Version.pdf (www.fwwa.org)

Creativity leads to new interseeder & more cover crops

Augustian's first attempt at interseeding was during their urea application. However, they quickly realized that they wanted a less disruptive approach to seeding. They began to look for alternative methods, which is when they first contacted Brown County's Land & Water Conservation Department. Through a partnership between the county, Green Bay's Metropolitan Sewerage District (NEW Water), and the Fund for Lake Michigan, the department owns a 6-row interseeder from Interseeder Technologies. The equipment is available for farmers to rent. This rental program allowed Augustians to interseed more than 100 acres in a single season and gain first-hand experience with the equipment. 

After two successful years of renting, it was clear that the interseeder provided a more efficient and less disruptive approach to interseeding and that owning their own equipment would add value to their farm. 

NEWWater_ACDC_NeighborhoodVanGheem.063022-10-1NEW Watershed Program: A year in review

The NEW Water-led NEW Watershed Program has been busy in the Ashwaubenon Creek and Dutchman Creek watershed implementing both operational and structural practices through a voluntary compliance program. Field staff are focusing on work with landowners and operators in rural area to determine what conservation opportunities exist. Program staff work diligently to listen to landowners and operators to find the best management practices that can meet their farm goals as well as the Program goals of reducing excess phosphorus and sediment from reaching impaired waterways in Northeast Wisconsin.

- From Basin Buzz, Winter 2023

Learn more about the NEW Watershed Program >>

2022 Winter Basin Buzz Edition - The Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance’s “Basin Buzz” featured NEW Water’s watershed work in Ashwaubenon and Dutchman Creek.

Excerpts from the Basin Buzz story are found below. To read their full story, please visit: The 2022 Winter LFR Basin Buzz - Print Version.pdf (www.fwwa.org)

Improving impaired waterways of Green Bay through a regional approach is now part of a new, large-scale water quality improvement program that was publicly launched on October 20, 2021 by NEW Water, the brand of the Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District. 

The NEW Watershed Program in Ashwaubenon Creek and Dutchman Creek is a long-term adaptive management strategy to address area water quality concerns while providing a cost-effective, alternative compliance option for NEW Water’s wastewater discharge permit with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR).

- From Basin Buzz, Winter 2022

The Fox River and Bay of Green Bay are impaired by phosphorus and sediment entering the watershed from a variety of sources within the Northeast Wisconsin region. NEW Water’s NEW Watershed Program in ACDC is a large-scale, Adaptive Management program modeled on the success of NEW Water’s Silver Creek Adaptive Management Pilot Project that began in 2014. 

What if we banded together for water? Watch this video to learn more. Thank you to all the Silver Creek Project Partners. 

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