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June 27, 2023
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2022 Annual Report Cover Page

The 2022 Annual Report showcases highlights of our journey throughout the year to ultimately protect our most valuable resource, water.

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Facility Plan update

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has approved the NEW Water Facility Plan, which means that projects within the plan can begin. The first project of our Facility Plan is the Green Bay Facility North Plant Clarifier Rehabilitation, with bids opened on June 21. At our Green Bay Facility’s North Plant, we have four primary clarifiers and eight final clarifiers, which were built in 1976 and are in need of rehabilitation due to aging infrastructure. Each one holds between 1.25 and 1.7 million gallons of water and is a critical step in the wastewater treatment process to help settle out solids from liquids. Learn more about NEW Water's Facility Plan >> 

NACWA Peak Performance Awards100% Permit Compliance!

The National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) has lauded NEW Water for achieving 100% permit compliance for the Green Bay Facility for 20 consecutive years, and the De Pere Facility for 11 consecutive years.

Kitchen Sink v2What can I put down my kitchen sink?

What you put down the kitchen sink directly impacts our public health, shared waterways, and can also lead to a sewer backup in your own home. Generally speaking, it is OK to put small scraps of biodegradable food waste into a kitchen garbage disposal, provided there is no fats, oils, or grease (FOG)FOG should not be poured down the kitchen sink, as they can cause clogged pipes, backups, and necessitate costly repairs.What can I put down my kitchen sink >>

STEM Family Day 4STEM Family Day

On April 29, NEW Water partnered with the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and the Greater Green Bay STEM Network for the second annual STEM Family Day. The event drew an estimated 900 people, and was intended to entertain and educate area families on the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

STEM Family Day Statistics 2023NEW Water’s educational booth featured “FlushFighters” and “Flippin’ Frogs” – where kids “flip” little frogs, using math skills to advance them onto lily pads. The “Poo Emoji” toss, kids (and their adults!) learned to project the Environment and Public Health by only flushing the “3Ps” (see photo). Visitors were polled on what they value most about their water services; 57% said health & sanitation was most important, while 38% said reliability was most important (see graphic).

STEAM Superheroes_4STEAM Superheroes Camp

In June, NEW Water partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Green Bay and Einstein Project for the 8th annual STEAM Superheroes Camp. Staff once again helmed superhero roles Commander CleanWater and Watershed Warrior, to help children defeat evil villain water polluters – Phosphorus Phury, Sinister Sediment, and Unflushables, also played by staff. The camp aims to teach kids important STEAM (science, technology, engineering, [communication] arts, and math) skills needed for future careers, including at NEW Water, and to teach them how to protect our most important resource, water. Check out this year's camp (link coming soon) >>

De Pere1_smEnhancing green infrastructure update

In October 2020, NEW Water received a grant from the U.S. Forest Service to work with municipal partners and the Oneida Nation to plant trees to enhance green infrastructure in its service area. Since the grant, a total of 2,664 trees were planted around the Brown County area, with approximately 373 trees to be planted this year. Trees help reduce storm water runoff and soil erosion, which helps to protect and improve area waterways. Learn more about the grant >> 

Buoy Sites_GLOS_Snippet_2023Launch of the Bay Guardian

NEW Water's Bay Guardian is back in the water and ready for the 38th year of water quality sampling. Learn more about the Aquatic Monitoring Program and why this scientific data matters >>  

NEW Water is excited to bring two long-term monitoring stations into a new era of (near) real-time data collection. Check out the water quality data >> 

Spring Flooding - SquareThe Press Times features NEW Water

The Press Times covered our organization’s cost-effective approach to permit compliance through Adaptive Management. This approach will also achieve greater environmental gain for generations to come. Read the article >> 


Adopt a Storm Drain 2020 v2Adopt a storm drain

Did you know that washing your car on your lawn, and picking up pet litter are two simple things you can do to help prevent urban runoff from polluting the Bay of Green Bay? Storm water drains – those are the drains you see in the gutters along the street -- run directly out to our waterways. Car grease, manure, and fertilizer are best trapped before they reach our waterways. Learn how you can #LoveYourWatershed >> 

Aerial view of NEW Water Facility

What's new at NEW Water

NEW Water held an Inflow & Infiltration workshop on April 24, 2023. See the presentation here >>

NEW Water held a Municipal & Industrial partner update meeting on June 22, 2023 with topics including Strategic Plan Update, Facility Plan, Siphon Project, and Interceptor System. Check out the presentation >>

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