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April 25, 2023

Spring Flooding - Square “NEW Water uses innovative approach to reach DNR limits”

April 22, 2023- The Press Times covered our organization’s cost-effective approach to permit compliance, through Adaptive Management. This approach will also achieve greater environmental gain for generations to come. 

Excerpts from The Press Times story are found below. To read their full story, please visit: NEW Water uses innovative approach to reach DNR limits - The Press  (

NEW Water Executive Director Tom Sigmund explains that the DNR issued a total daily maximum load for the lower Fox River from Lake Winnebago to Green Bay in 2012.

The analysis focused on suspended solids and phosphorus and determined where the pollutants were coming from.

Some were coming from municipal and industrial sites which can be relatively easy to regulate, but the bulk of the pollution was coming from  rural runoff so the Adaptive Management effort, which concentrates on keeping the pollutants from entering the water was selected.

Spring and fall runoff accounts for 70-80% of all nutrient and sediment loading annually.

NEW Water launched a pilot program in 2014 on Silver Creek with a grant from the EPA’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

- From The Press Times, Apr. 22, 2023

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