STEAM Superheroes Camp

July 27, 2022

NEWWater.2022.STEAM-1_1The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Green Bay and NEW Water partnership continues to help area youth protect our waters

From inspecting microorganisms under a microscope to building filters to represent the earth, area youth participated in a STEAM Superheroes Camp and have earned their “Defenders of the Bay” certificate.

STEAM Superheroes_3_1NEW Water, the brand of the Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District, teamed up with the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Green Bay (BGCGB) for an interactive, educational, and hands-on STEAM Superheroes Camp, making this year the 7th year of educating, engaging, and inspiring area youth to care about our water. Eleven area youth became ‘Defenders of the Bay,’ learning important skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, (Communication) Arts, and Mathematics to help protect our precious water resources and become part of the NEW Water STEAM Superheroes Team.

"Water is the most important thing in this world." ~9-year-old member from the BGCGB

STEAM Superheroes_1_1NEW Water staff played the roles of the STEAM Superheroes “Commander CleanWater” and “Watershed Warrior,” as they explained the connection between the Fox River, the Bay of Green Bay, Lake Michigan, and Great Lakes. The STEAM Superheroes explained how “evil villains,” also played by NEW Water staff, threaten area waters from runoff, “Phosphorus Phury,” “Sinister Sediment,” and the “Unflushables,” which are polluting area waters. Campers learned what they could do to be “Defenders of the Bay” to protect this most valuable resource.

"You can protect water by not flushing stuff down the toilet that doesn't belong," a 10-year-old from the GBCGB, "only toilet paper, pee, and poop belong down the toilet."

STEAM Superheroes_2_1The local youth development organization is dedicated to providing quality education and opportunities for youth to engage in STEAM activities in a safe, positive, and intellectually stimulating environment. There is an identified community need for more outreach opportunities in STEAM and these important skills are needed for jobs of the future including working at NEW Water. The STEAM Superheroes Camp gives a shout out to cool careers that need STEAM skills that kids might not think about.

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