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Youth Apprenticeship Program

NEW Water offers hands-on work experience for area high school students with the Youth Apprenticeship Program!

The Youth Apprenticeship program at NEW Water gives area high school students an opportunity to gain work experience in the Water/Wastewater Engineering field.  Students train as operators at NEW Water’s Green Bay Facility as part of the Greater Green Bay Chamber’s Youth Apprenticeship program.  In the program, NEW Water collaborates with the Greater Green Bay Chamber, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, and area school districts. Numerous businesses participate in this state-wide program, and NEW Water was the first wastewater treatment facility in Wisconsin to join the ranks!  


“Working at NEW Water has provided me with extremely valuable skills that have made me more confident in my career options throughout and after college.  As I begin my senior year of high school, I feel that this professional experience has made me more knowledgeable of what an actual career in wastewater treatment is like.  While I greatly enjoy my math and science classes, my Youth Apprenticeship allows me to come after school and apply these ideas in a practical concept.  I have learned how to take accurate samples, how to record and interpret data, and the basics of managing a largescale wastewater treatment plant.  I look forward to my future after being a part of this program because I have no doubt that my time here will help me when determining what I want to do in my career."
~ Camden Chrudimsky, Youth Apprentice

Green Bay Area Public Schools nominated NEW Water for a state-wide Business Friends of Education Award, which NEW Water won in 2013.  NEW Water was also nominated for Northeast Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance’s (NEWMA) fourth annual “Excellence in Manufacturing/K-12 Partnerships Awards” in the Youth Apprenticeship Category in 2015. 

Youth Apprentice Hannah out on the Clarifier

"Participating in the Youth Apprenticeship Program at NEW Water continues to be a rewarding experience even after graduating from college over 2 years ago. I now have a degree in environmental engineering from Michigan Technological University and work as a consulting water/wastewater engineer for Donohue & Associates where I have had multiple opportunities to work on NEW Water projects. Being a Youth Apprentice at NEW Water gave me a fundamental understanding of wastewater treatment that was highly applicable in college coursework and in my career today. The long-lasting professional relationships, experiences, and skills I built as a Youth Apprentice have been invaluable!"
~ Hannah Harmann, Professional Engineer, and former NEW Water Youth Apprentice