Silver Creek Watershed

Agricultural wetland restorations in the watersheds

November 11, 2021

Water Knows No Boundaries SnipNEW Water has received a Midwest Region Coastal Program grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to restore at least eight acres of historical wetlands on agricultural land in the watersheds of Ashwaubenon Creek and Dutchman Creek (ACDC). This project sits at the intersection of water quality improvements and habitat restoration benefits, as it proposes to capture sediment and reduce nutrient loading within ACDC, while improving habitat quality for marsh birds and shorebirds. Restored wetlands will be designed with native grasses, pollinator habitat, and extended buffers around each basin. The goal of this effort is not to take agricultural land out of production, but to find the balance of a healthy productive ecosystem from the perspective of water quality, agriculture, and habitat.

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