Fall Trees out in the Watershed

Silver Creek Education Day

May 1, 2015

Silver-Creek-Education-DayOneida Nation High School and Bay Port High School students recently participated in classroom activities about the Silver Creek project.  Students from two biology classes and an environmental science class (approximately 45 students) participated at Oneida HS.  At Bay Port HS, students from natural resources management, fish and wildlife, and aquaculture/hydroponics classes (about 95 students) participated in the activities. 

Through discussion and demonstration (Enviroscape model), students learned about the value of water, point vs. nonpoint source, impacts of runoff, community partnerships/adaptive management, and an overview of the Silver Creek pilot project. Students will be talking to their teachers about how to participate in field work this spring.  Thank you to Becky and Bryanna for encouraging your students to participate in the Silver Creek student activities! 

Picture caption: At Bay Port High School showing the Enviroscape demonstration.

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