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'Newsmaker Sunday' features NEW Water

April 18, 2022

Sunset Featured ImageNEW Water looking to renovate Brown Co. Facilities 

WFRV 'Newsmaker Sunday' (April 2022) - Tom Zalaski, WFRV, featured NEW Water's Executive Director, Tom Sigmund, to talk about the mission, vision, and NEW Water's essential services to our community.  

Excerpts and videos from the WFRV story are found below. To watch or read the full interview, please visit: WFRV 'Newsmaker Sunday' (www.wearegreenbay.com) 

A long-standing service, NEW Water works to remove impurities from wastewater taken from homes/industries. Once the impurities have been removed, NEW Water takes the clean water and discharges it back into the Fox River.

And to help them continue doing this important work at a high level, NEW Water announced they will be renovating their older facilities located in Green Bay and De Pere.

Sigmund says these facilities have been operating for about 47 years and are due for an upgrade. This renovation will also help the facility be able to process more solids and liquids than ever before.

“We have assets that need work and if we don’t take care of them the community will not have the services they need,” explained Sigmund.

-  From WFRV 'Newsmaker Sunday,' April 2022

NEW Water is currently developing a Facility Plan, primarily focused on the liquids treatment processes at the Green Bay and De Pere treatment facilities. This plan is intended to meet current and future needs to ensure continued reliability of service for the community we serve. Learn more about NEW Water's Facility Plan >>

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