Aerial view of the Watershed

NEW Water's #LoveYourWatershed initiative in the news

November 24, 2020

Love Your Watershed MagnetNBC-26 featured NEW Water’s #LoveYourWatershed initiative is in the news this week, highlighting the importance of doing your part to care for area waters.

"This truly is a treasure to have Green Bay and to have all of this natural fresh water around us," said Erin Houghton, Watershed Programs Manager with NEW Water. "It's part of who we are and there is a great responsibility in that in taking care of that and trying to make that resource last."

Tips to #LoveYourWatershed include:

  • Picking up pet waste
  • Raking leaves in your yard
  • Using a rain barrel to collect rain water for watering plants and garden
  • Don't flush your medications down the toilet

Learn more tips for how to #LoveYourWatershed here.

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