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E-News from NEW Water (Q2 2016)

June 30, 2016

Q2 2016 The Wave Newsletter

Uncle Sam wants you to love your pipes

Happy 4th of July!

Enjoy those holiday BBQs – and don’t forget to properly dispose of any greasy leftovers in the trash, not down the drain! Grease can clog up drains and cause messy backups in homes – and troubles for NEW Water too.

Learn how to Love Your Pipes



R2E2: Time Lapse! 

Construction of NEW Water’s new solids handling facility, Resource Recovery and Electrical Energy, or R2E2, is in full swing. Check out a time lapse video of the anaerobic digesters.




Conservation Installation Begins in Silver Creek 2016Conservation Installation Begins

After years of analysis, planning, and design work, implementation of land conservation practices has begun in Silver Creek. NEW Water is partnering up on this project to help improve area waters.

Find out why


What is runoff? NEW Water’s Erin Wilcox was quick on the draw with her camera when she witnessed it.



What else is new with NEW Water

NEW Water held a quarterly customer update meeting on June 3, which featured updates on the Interceptor System Master Plan, R2E2, and a brief overview of the budgeting process.

See the Presentation


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