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In the news: Watershed efforts highlighted

January 19, 2024

Tilth Agronomy Talk Radio featured NEW Water to discuss its watershed efforts, as well as its mission, services, and the “half-time flush” phenomenon of home football games.

Check out the podcast, visit: Special Interview Episode: Jeff Smudde - Director of Environmental Programs for  NEW Water (

Join the movement LYW 2021At NEW Water, we’re partnering in the watershed to help improve area waterways. What is a watershed? And what can you do to help protect it?  Learn how you can #LoveYourWatershed >>

2020 Annual Report smallHow do we protect public health and the environment around the clock? NEW Water invites you and your staff to come tour our Green Bay Facility and witness the journey 41 million gallons of water takes, each day. Sign-up for a tour >>

ACDC Watershed BMPsAn alternate compliance option of Adaptive Management in the Ashwaubenon Creek and Dutchman Creek (ACDC) watersheds as part of its discharge compliance for phosphorus and total suspended solids (TSS) permit requirements established by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  Learn more about the NEW Watershed Program >>

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