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Congratulations, UWGB!

September 28, 2023

Buoy Sites_GLOS_Snippet_2023Congratulations to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (UWGB) for receiving the CTIA Wireless Foundation Climate Changemaker Award.

This initiative allows UWGB to build their network of buoys in area waters, joining other partners who share their data with the Great Lakes Observatory System (GLOS). Currently, three entities have buoys in the Bay of Green Bay: UWGB, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, as well as NEW Water, which has two buoys as part of its Aquatic Monitoring Program, which helps inform permit compliance.

Thanks to GLOS, these data are now publicly accessible via their platform Seagull. Seagull streams data from 200+ sites and counting on the Great Lakes, see the website here.

“We’re excited to have more partners joining this data collection effort to expand our understanding of hypoxia, ‘dead zones,’ and harmful algal blooms (HABs) in Green Bay,” said Dr. Sarah Bartlett, Water Resource Specialist for NEW Water.

“We are grateful to NEW Water for partnering with UWGB to offer not only their expertise, but also their workboat to assist with buoy deployment activities,” said Dr. Michael Zorn, Associate Dean and Professor at UWGB. “We know NEW Water has a history of monitoring water quality in Green Bay, and I look forward to continued collaboration in the future.”

The long-standing partnership between NEW Water and UWGB drives forward a shared goal of protecting the precious waters of Northeastern Wisconsin.

“NEW Water is proud to partner with UWGB and many others to help advance scientific knowledge of water quality on the Great Lakes,” said Tom Sigmund, NEW Water's Executive Director. “With an annual discharge of approximately 22 billion gallons of water each year into the Bay of Green Bay, we have a commitment to understanding our impact on the receiving waters.”

NEW WATER Buoy Flyer FINALLearn more about UWGB’s Award, and see the video here, where NEW Water is featured as well.

Check out NEW Water's water quality monitoring sites in the Bay of Green Bay, represented by the yellow buoy icons. These sites collect data on local wind speed and direction, air and water temperature and more, and can be found on NEW Water's website here >> 

Download the "Looking for real-time weather and water data?" flier >>

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