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37th Season of Aquatic Monitoring Program

November 9, 2022

Bay Guardian_35 yearsNEW Water’s Aquatic Monitoring Program wrapped up its 37th annual season of monitoring area waterways in October. In addition to the standard sample collection from 34 different stations throughout the Fox River, East River, and the Bay of Green Bay, the program successfully upgraded the Entrance Light monitoring station which has been integral for monitoring low dissolved oxygen, or hypoxia since its inception in 1986. Entrance Light now monitors water and weather in near real time and data are shared with the general public through Seagull, a data platform used by many around the Great Lakes.

Water Quality Station_Fox River_2022-1AMP also received a grant to upgrade our other station at the mouth of the Fox River into a near-real time station monitoring water and weather as well. The program continues to collaborate on projects in lower Green Bay with many project partners including UW-GB, NASA, USGS, and the DNR.

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