GBMSD Gets a New Brand!

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GBMSD has a new brand, NEW Water. NEW Water will continue to provide the same quality water treatment service you've come to expect over the past 80 years. Click here to learn more.

NEW Watershed Champion!

Congratulations Charlie Frisk, the "NEW Watershed Champion" for 2014!  NEW Water and the Green Bay Water Utility launched the award as part of its first annual World Water Day event.           Read more.

Charlie Frisk & Kids

Happy Public Health Week!

Sanitation is considered the greatest medical advancement over the past 150 years. Read more. Pictured is the installation of the sewer system in downtown Green Bay in 1936.

1936 Sewer Install

Congratulations, Industrial Achievement Award Winners!

NEW Water congratulates all businesses that were in compliance with wastewater discharge standards for 2013!  Under Wisconsin State Statutes, NEW Water issues permits to Significant Industrial Users (SIUs) to ensure that environmental regulations are met.  Consistent permit compliance ensures the protection of the local waterways and the environment.

Winners are:

2013 Gold Award: Akzo Nobel Performance Chemicals, Expera Specialty Solutions, Georgia-Pacific Landfill, Green Bay Embossing, Green Bay Nonwovens-Plant 1, Green Bay Nonwovens-Plant 2, Industrial Engraving and Manufacturing, Omnova Solutions, Proactive Solutions, U.S. Paper Mills-Sonoco, Ultra Plating Corporation, WPI

2013 Gold Zero Discharger Award: Green Bay Packaging-Mill Division

2013 Silver Award: Austin Straubel International Airport, Bay Towel, Green Bay Anodizing, KI, Klemm Tank Lines, The Medalcraft Mint, Procter & Gamble Paper Products Company, Scott's Industrial Coatings-Velp, Tosca Services, Valley Planting of Green Bay

2013 Silver Zero Discharger Award: MECA & Technology Machine.

For more information about NEW Water's Pretreatment Program, read more here.


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